Important facts:

  • Mølbro`s M1 Euroshare is extreme durable combination of Mølbro's well-known Euroschar and a standard reversible point.
  • The shape of our reversible point is perfectly shaped to fit Mølbo´s Euroshare.
  • The reversible M1 point is available with special zone hardening.
  • Møbro manufacture the M1-system to all well known European plough brands.
  • The unique combination of the reversible M1 tip and the Euroshare ensures perfect earth flow, reduces the pull resistance and saves fuel.
  • The M1 combination is the ideal product for smaller farms with less than 100 hectares of land.

Mølbros M1 EUROPOINT is reversible and available for all well known brands in Europe.

One of the Mølbro´s bestseller in Europe - Especially suitable for small and medium sized farms.

Special deep punched holes allows mounting with special Mølbro bolts, which ensures a longer lifetime of the point.

Further information

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